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Here's art you can wear and if the Kempeitai or the Shanghai Municipal Police are hot on your tail, you can remove and stash in a ginricksha, in a rice bin, or beneath a coiled line!

The artist (and blogist: known as "ColdistheSea" has created two Jade Rooster promotional apparel designs for Zazzle. Zazzle is persnickety, reviews all artwork, and deals only with artistes. This is first rate geedunk. One is the "Jade Rooster" design and the other is the "Hobson" design. Here are samples of the shirt-back artwork:



T-shirts, longsleeves, sweatshirts, spaghetti a whole palette of colors. Three color treatment if in a dark color and two colors if in a light color.

Shipmates, this is artwork you wear. It is in the finest traditions of the naval service.

Be the first on your block to truly sign on with the 1913 Asiatic Fleet!


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